Warehousing Facilities

Warehousing Facilities

Musandum carries warehousing facilities in : Dubai,Oman & Qatar. Presently, Musandum is operating an area of 250,000 square ft distributed between these three locations. An additional 100,000 square ft has already been mapped out for future development in Oman.

In the open yards, gantries, jib cranes, heavy and light duty fork-lifts and side loaders operate to handle material.

Trucking, shipping and air-freight requirements are coordinated and contracted by dedicated logistic teams with vast experience in the field.

Specific customer requirements concerning packing, identification, markings, tagging, colour-coding, and so on, are managed by the operation teams.

Adequate management of supply chain to procure material for stock and project exists for timely deliveries and Just-in-Time supply services.

Supply chain is managed by a team of project managers and expeditors who manage deliveries in coordination with the warehouse right after the supply and sourcing contracts are signed off. In particular, the project supplies are be sourced by a specialized team which selects the right proportion of stocks and direct sourcing in order to ensure timely and efficient deliveries that meets the client’s project schedule demands.