Over the years, Musandum International grew with the market and became one of the most reliable suppliers in supply and rental of Formwork and Scaffolding systems and gained its reputation and recognition for reliability and trustworthiness.

We live to our Corporate Philosophy to achieve total customer satisfaction by constantly improving our strengths and recognizing our weaknesses so that we try and improve our efficiency. We are a young team with over 5 years of experience, our team is dedicated, enthusiastic and friendly which make us proud of whom we are.


We are strongly committed to Quality and ensure all our suppliers/vendors who supply the scaffold have a quality procedure and maintain a quality parameter that exceeds customer needs and expectations and follow strict international standard. All the incoming materials are checked by our experienced personnel’s as per the manufactured product specifications for the correctness.


Musandum International Design Department has been established to provide customers technical knowledge with reference to their requirements for temporary structures.

Design department consist of a team of designers with extensive learning in structural engineering, training in line with latest computer assisted design software, worldwide knowledge in statutory and regulatory requirements for designing, ethics and experience in compliance with the BS 5975 & 5973 and ACI Guide. The practical application of engineering principles at site to ensure that all design has been prepared in accordance with its intention during the period of construction.

This has been proven over years of experience in this particular field of specialization as means in assisting architects, structural engineers, contractors, businessmen and laymen to achieve their goal in bringing about a well orderly infra structures for civil society in the United Arab Emirates.